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Ryans Direct
Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings

Ryans Direct supply 3 main types of wall coverin panels, although many of the ceiling panels can also be used to cover the walls.

All types allow for quick fitting without the need for tiling and can be a very cost effective way to cover walls in the quickest possible time.

  • Type 1 - PVC sheets consist of a corrugated platic sandwhich which is fully waterproof, quick to install and requires few skills. They come in a wide range of colours with matching corner and end trims. PVC panels also offer great value compared to the expense of purchasing and installing tiles. The panels are fixed to the walls and sealed with an appropriate silicone adhesive, giving years of maintenance free use without any grouting to go discoloured.  
  • Type 2 - WBP plywood core panels are bonded with decorative laminate, providing a waterproof surface that is easy to clean, leaving you more time to relax in your new bathroom. Panels can either be provided ‘unlipped’ to fit into our range aluminium corner and end cap profiles, or as Hydro-Lock tongue and groove panels. As an alternative to using end caps, panels can be 'lipped' with a PVC edge to compliment your chosen decor. Our selection of 32 decors range from traditional stones, to sparkles, to striking modern designs, in gloss and textured finishes.
  • Type 3 - TilePANEL is designed with simulated tile effects, allowing you to enjoy the authentic look of tiles without the inconvenience of grout. As the solid grade laminate, 8’x4’ panels are only 3mm thick, they are perfect for fitting over existing tiles for an attractive, cost-effective refurbishment. tilePANELaluminium corner, mid-joint and end cap profiles permit quick and simple installation.

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